The last <Aba Novak> subscription concert of Szolnok City Symphony Orchestra, Season 2008/09,
its program was collection of the works "G.Verdi". This is the program note of this performance.

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Program; Works by G. Verdi
     1."La Forza del destino" Sinfonia
     2."Luisa Miller" Sinfonia
     3."La Traviata" Preludio AttoⅠ
     4."Macbeth" Ballabile
     5."I vespri siciliani" Sinfonia
     6."Nabucodonosor" Sinfonia~Introduzione e Coro~Coro
       "Va, pensiero sull'ale dorate"
     7."Don Carlos" Preludio AttoⅡ
     8."Il Trovatore" Coro di Zingari e e Canzone
     9."Aida" Preludio~Gran FinaleⅡ~Marcia~Ballabire~Coro


This is the new lineup of Szolnok Symphony Orchestra - Season 2009/2010

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Szolnok City Symphony Orchestra was decided to join the Association of Hungarian Orchestras.
This Association is that the majors orchestra all over in Hungary composes, having the severe performance standards for the benefit from a Hungarian government, orchestral composition, performance frequency and box office numbers, if these standards cannot be cleared, no orchestra can be allowed to join. This news became a big topic because it extended for these ten years to be near and there was no new entry in the Association .... It is the one that can be said that it will be appearance of the improvement of the ability of Szolnok City Symphony Orchestra.

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The article of Szolnok Symphony Orchestra about new join to the Association of Hungarian Orchestras
Website top page → Hirek → Tovabbi hirek → 2009.05.28
The article of "Zenekar Ujsag" about the interview of Izaki, orchestral history and the view for the future
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The Szolnok Symphonic Orchestra was directed as in No.1 Category after the hard judgement of the Cultural section of Hungarian Ministery. It will be expected of increasing the supporting money by Hungarian ministor and the development in the Future by this Orchestra.